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Randolph Tubing manufactures close tolerance, highly durable peristaltic pump tubing and six types of flexible plastic tubing for diverse fluid transfer applications.

Randolph flexible plastic tubing is ideally suited for rugged use in peristaltic pumps as well as general transfer of fluids including harsh acids, inks, and solvents, slurries and abrasive materials. Randolph peristaltic pump tubing fits all Randolph pumps and many other pumps, and is ideal for fluid transfer applications.

A reliable industrial tubing distributor, we stock our most popular flexible tubing types in 25, 50, 100 and 250 foot lengths, and other lengths, sizes, colors and dimensions are available upon request. Randolph Tubing also designs and manufactures custom extruded flexible profiles and custom safety tubing and high-visibility safety control wands. Call us about your design requirements and let us solve your problem!

Need precision metering pumps? Need ink pumps? Need a heavy-duty industrial pump? Randolph Peristaltic Pumps can handle ANY job.

For over 50 years, Randolph Austin Company has made and sold one of the most reliable and rugged peristaltic pumps available on the market. Randolph pumps are available in multiple sizes and dimensions, from very small to very large. Randolph Pumps can pump from .0015 liters (3 teaspoons, or .05 fluid ounces) per minute, up to 79.5 liters (21 gallons) per minute. We design our pumps to be precise, rugged and robust, as well as user friendly.

We make positive displacement pumps for many different applications, from precise metering pumps for medical and pharmaceutical applications, to ink pumps for Flexographic printing presses, to medium and large pumps for the food and beverage industry and other fluid transfer applications. We even make explosion-proof pumps.

Pump controls can include variable speed, reversible speed, remotely operated peristaltic pumps and fixed-speed. The pumps can be remotely operated with controls operable in AC or DC. We will even design and manufacture a custom assembly upon request, working with our in-house design team. Contact us now and find the pump you need.


Durable Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Randolph Austin currently extrudes six different types of flexible tubing; Cilran™, Ed-Plex™,  T-Alimen™, Povinal™, Prothane™, and Vytex™ tubing.  Each tubing type is designed to fit and work, not just in the peristaltic pumps we manufacture, but in many other peristaltic pump types, from industrial to pharmaceutical.

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Flexible Plastic Tubing for All Industries

> Food & Beverage
> Water & Waste
> OEM applications
> Pulp and paper
> Print and packaging
> Paints and pigments
> Defense applications