Tubing Features

Flexible Plastic Tubing

Randolph Austin is a leading manufacturer of peristaltic pumps. We also make the flexible plastic tubing for those pumps, so we’re the perfect industrial tubing distributor…we can just make more of what you need!

Peristaltic pumps are used in applications where the pump mechanism must be kept separate from the liquid being transferred because it is corrosive, unsafe or for sanitary reasons. Working with our customers, Randolph Tubing has developed high quality pump tubing for a range of applications:

Like Randolph peristaltic pumps, Randolph flexible plastic tubing has proven durable and reliable in thousands of real-world applications in hospitals and pharmacies, oil fields, manufacturing and printing presses and many other uses and conditions.

Cilran is flexible plastic tubing ideal for use with strong acids, alkalies and corrosives.
Cilran Characteristics

  • Low gas permeability
  • USP Class VI
  • Highly Flexible
  • Excellent for peristaltic pumps
  • Color: Translucent white
  • Used for Acid & Alkali transfer
ED-Plex is a UV-resistant flexible plastic tubing product; black color
ED-Plex Characteristics

  • UV resistant thermoplastic copolymer
  • Highly Flexible
  • Excellent for peristaltic pumps
  • General purpose tubing
  • Color: Black
  • Used with mild acid, alkali & alcohol solutions
Prothane II tubing is abrasion resistant, translucent blue peristaltic pump tubing
Prothane II Characteristics

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High tensile properties & flex life
  • Resistant to some aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Good hydrolytic stability
  • Excellent for peristaltic pumps
  • Color: Translucent blue
  • Use for inks, slurries, viscous materials, mild oils and solvents
Povinal peristaltic pump tubing is translucent green, and water soluble
Povinal Characteristics

  • Low gas permeability
  • Highly Flexible
  • Excellent for peristaltic pumps
  • Water soluble
  • Color: Translucent green or amber
  • Use for aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated solvents
Vytex flexible tubing has a smooth internal bore and outstanding flow; flexible PVC tubing from your industrial tubing distributor
Vytex Characteristics

  • Smooth internal bore
  • Easy cleaning
  • Outstanding flow
  • Excellent flex life
  • Suitable for peristaltic pumps
  • Flexible PVC tubing
  • Color: Translucent clear
  • Use for food, beverage & general purpose
T-Alimen flexible plastic tubing for food and beverage dispensing
T-Alimen Characteristics

  • Food and beverage grade tubing
  • Thermoplastic elastomer
  • RoHs Compliant
  • Meets NSF STD-51
  • Natural Color
  • Excellent for peristaltic pump applications